West Party Room

The Party Room Out West…


40-50 Guests: The Back Room Out West…

  • Seating for up to 55… if you all get along well.
  • Ask us how to maximize seating.  Pushing tables together reduces seating capacity.  A lot.
  • There’s a big screen Tee-Vee to plug your laptop into for presentations and Powerpoints and what not… no extra charge!
  • The bar out West is across the main dining room, but it’s only a short hop.
  • Monday thru Thursday: We request a $200 minimum menu order; there is no charge for the room. We request a credit card number to reserve the room; if you’re a no show, we’ll be really bummed because you stood us up, and we’ll charge a $50 cancellation fee to your card, because we miss you, and we told everybody else they couldn’t have the room because we thought you were coming.
  • Friday thru Sunday: We request a $200 minimum order, and a non-refundable $75 rental fee in advance to reserve the room.
  • Certain blackout dates apply (home games, graduation, etc); contact us.


This is where to get started (it’s short and easy)

Here’s info about the party rooms Downtown

Here’s info about the party rooms out South

Here are some pics of cool employee cars

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