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We’re OPEN Downtown in The District

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We’ll be at 220 South 8th Street temporarily while our new digs back at 9th and Elm are being built. It’s right next door to where we were on 9th; the back doors faced each other. We’re darned fortunate that the space was available… the back up plan was a tent in Lucky’s parking lot.

Scheduled completion of the new digs is August of 2016. We’re sad to lose the box we’ve called home for 42 years, but Shakespeare’s V 2.0 promises to be really cool. We’ll be back in the same place, same corner, as part of a new bigger building.


We’re keeping the same dining room layout, the same tables and chairs, the signs, we’ve salvaged a lot of the green metal ceiling and the golden wood car siding. But we’re improving the kitchens… they were a hot mess. As we grew over the decades, taking over more and more of the building with no master plan, it digressed into anarchy in back. Our new work space layout will allow us to make pizzas faster and more efficiently.  Hopefully that line will be shorter.

We’ve lost our parking lot, but with only 40 spaces for 240 seats, 15 minutes into dinner we had no parking anyway. We still have the Hitt St Parking Garage, a 90-second walk up Elm, with limitless free parking, evenings and weekends. Lots of parking!

We’d be glad if you stopped by. Maybe we won’t have to lay off Erin after all.

Check out our 360-Degree Interactive Tour
of the original Shakespeare’s Building

Toby's Plan 02 22 15 S
Yesterday I coudn’t spell arkitect. Today i are one!



9th-and-elm-design-small 08 10 15 S


Here’s what they’re building for us! (The view is as if you were standing in the middle of the street out in front of Chipotle or Starbucks looking North up Ninth St.) Our part of the building will resemble the old building, as close as possible. The rest of it doesn’t look too shabby, either, does it?
It’s important to note that the developers stuck as close as they could to the CID’s Voluntary Design Guidelines. The CID researched what downtown stakeholders – residents, property owners, business owners – preferred with respect to development downtown, and the Guidelines were the result. This building is going to be a showcase project for others to look to: building what the folks who care about downtown asked for. We’re excited about being part of it.
We were as sad as anyone to see the old place go, but this place is going to be pretty cool. Can’t wait till August 2016!
(Coming soon: floor plans for the interior of our new digs.)
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