Shakes in Your Fave Grocery Store

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BUT If you can’t get Shakespeare’s Frozen Pizza in your local grocery, you CAN do something about it.
In fact, YOU can do more about it than we can!

Customer Requests are THE biggest consideration grocery store managers use to pick what goes on the shelves (well, other than little white envelopes with lettuce inside… and we’re trying that, too)

Go to your local grocery store, and find the person the highest up the food chain as you can.  The general manager is better than a stock boy or cashier.  Tell them anything you want, as long as it includes some message about stocking Shakespeare’s.

“You’re the GM?  Can I ask you to stock Shakespeare’s Pizza?  It’s really good, and I have to go all the way across the county to Billy Bob’s Country Store to get it.  I’d rather buy it here.”

“Start stocking Shakespeare’s Pizza, or I’m going to cry.”

“You guys are awesome.  I really like the okra display.  But you’d be awesome -er if you stocked Shakespeare’s Pizza.”

“Here’s $100.  (Hand him a crispy Benny, make sure no one sees you do it.)  I’ll give you another $100 if you put Shakespeare’s Pizza in your freezer.”

“My hamster is dying of cancer, and his last wish is Shakespeare’s Pizza.  Would you PLEASE stock it???” (No, you can’t say that, and we can’t ask you to say that, so pretend we didn’t.)

For a template petition that you can print out and get people to sign, click here.  [I haven’t written the petition yet, but it’s coming… Kurt]





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