It’s fine with us if all you eat is pizza, but if you want something green, here you go.

All are available in three sizes:
Regular: A nice portion for one, or two could easily share.
Family: Great for 4-8, depending on your rabbit-like quotient.
Catering: Big Big. Covers 8-12 or so. We made this one up for office parties, quilting bees, and motorcycle races.

Regular    Large    Catering

Ollie’s Salad
$6.79    $14.95    $29.95

The Bestest! Spinach, cranberries, glazed walnuts, red onion, mandarin oranges, gorgonzola cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.  Named in honor of the owners’ dog. He doesn’t like the salad (He’s a dog. Dogs don’t eat salad. They eat rabbits. If they can catch them. Otherwise, it’s the same dog chow over and over and over…) But his owner likes him, as well as the salad.

Louie’s Salad
$6.49    $13.99    $27.95

Spinach, sliced almonds, hearts of palm, shredded Parmesan cheese, croutons and a secret, delicious dressing. Don’t ask us what a heart of palm is. All we’ll say is that it’s kind of like a Vienna Sausage, but it’s a vegetable, they eat a lot of them in a country that’s very east of here, and they’re good.

Natalian Salad
$6.49    $13.99    $27.95

Natalie is not Italian. Nor is this salad. But we like it. Lettuce, red onions, tomato, croutons, provolone, ham, pepperoni, banana peppers, with Italian dressing. You can change the dressing, but don’t. And don’t ask Natalie why.

Meats and Cheeses
$6.29    $13.59    $25.95

Iceberg-Romaine lettuce blend, turkey, ham, Swiss/American blend cheese, cheddar cheese, artichoke hearts, and tomato

Vegetarian Salad
$6.29    $13.59    $25.95

Iceberg-Romaine lettuce blend, red onions, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, cheddar cheese, broccoli, and tomato

Caesar Salad
$5.79    $12.59    $24.99

Caesar Salad stuff. No, it’s not Romaine like it’s supposed to be, but 9.9 out of 10 of our customers prefer the slightly lower price.

Dinner Salad
$5.49    $11.99    $22.99

Iceberg-Romaine lettuce blend, red onions, cheddar cheese, and tomato. A nice simple dinner salad if that’s all you want, but boy it’s just that. Simple.


~ Salad Dressings ~

In the Midwest, Ranch dressing is a food group

  • Marzetti’s Dressings
    Included with each salad, 47 cents for extra

    • Ranch
    • Fat Free Ranch
    • Italian
    • Light Italian
    • Honey French
    • Honey Dijon
    • Blue Cheese
    • Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • Caesar


    Choice of  dressings with the Vegetarian, Meats and Cheeses, and Dinner Salads.

    The Louie’s, Ollie’s, Natalian and Caesar salads already have a dressing. We’ll change it if you want, but trust us, it’s good the way it is.

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