Nail Man Good

Peanut butter thinking is quite the far-fancy, with fetching pines among the barren.
“Groovi-ness” must prevail, as well as conformity among us.  So we’ll join the fray, and say…

Spend a dollar, get a point.

Earn 225 points, get a gift card for $9.94

Earn another 225 points, get a gift card for $14.92

For every 225 points after that, get a gift card for $22.25

  • We track it all with a phone number, so we’ll ask for some array of ten numeric digits.  We’re not going to call it (or sell it, or whatever, see our privacy ideas).  Just make sure you remember it.
  • YOU HAVE TO ASK to be in the program, so be sure to ask your phone-answerer or order-scrivener to make sure you are in the Shakes Rewards program.
  • Sorry, but dollars you give us for sales tax, gift card purchases, delivery charges, room rentals, and a few other reasonable things, or wine/beer/spirits don’t earn points. If you want to gripe about that, contact us. We’re all ears.
  • Points add up across all our locations… we have a computer!
  • There are a couple of minor details and specifics that might interest you.

Slice CardSlice Cards: Civilians

serve pizza by the slice at all locations during

Cards are combine-able, transferable, work at all locations,  and are made from paper.  Launder or lose it, and you lost it. Warning: the last guy that forged stamps got caught immediately, and, well….lunch, Monday thru Friday. Get a slice card by smiling and saying please at the counter, and start stamping.  We’ll stamp your card for every slice you get, and when you get 12 stamps, we give you two slices and a soda for free!

Slice Card for HSSlice Cards: High School Students

If you are a current high school student, you can get and use one of these.  get a stamp for each slice you buy, after six stamps, you get One Slice & a Soft Drink FREE.

You MUST show your current, valid High School ID for every stamp, and when you redeem the filled card.  Cards are combine-able and transferable among high school students, and made from paper.  Launder or lose it, and you lost it. Warning: the last guy that forged stamps got caught immediately.  If we have even a hunch that you’re cheating, we’ll abscond your card.

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