Party Rooms: Do it at our joint!

It’s probably cheaper than if you did it at your place (or just about anywhere else), and it’s definitely easier.

If you want to go nuts at the bar, the sky’s the limit, but parties often wind up being around

$4.00 to $8.00 a person

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Here is some general info about the party/event rooms:

Downtown, in The District

Shakespeare’s Downtown has the alley party room. It really did used to be an alley between two buildings, but now it’s all closed in and a pretty cool space for about 45 people. the original downtown location is our busiest, so we often use this space for overflow dining.  But on some nights, we can reserve it for you.

Parking: C+
Full Bar: right out the door
Audio/video hookups for your big screen laptop presentation available (no charge!)
Big screen cable available

Way out West, 623 ft west of Hy-Vee Liquors…

Shakespeare’s West has been open since 2003, and it has a room in the back too, that seats about 45-50.  It is available more often than downtown.

Parking: B+
Bar: wine and beer only (for now)
No big screen (Yet).




Out South, kinda sorta behind Sophia’s, and across from 44 Stone: THE BIG ONE…

South has been open since the summer of 2012.  It has a bit more dining space than downtown, plus party rooms for 20-120.

South has one great big room that can be divided in half with sound-rated hotel divider panels, and then one of the halves can be divided up again into quarters.  It’s maxed out with 120, or each half can seat up to maybe 60.  Here’s the room with 150 sorority ladies whooping it up (they couldn’t all sit, but they like each other, so they made it work)…

 It was a sound like no other.

Parking: A+
Full Bar: Yes!  Bar opens into the party rooms (When divided, it’s right out the door.)
Audio/video hookups for your big screen laptop presentation available (no charge!)
Big screen cable available
Microphone for presentations available (no charge!)

Check out the party room blue prints here. The three aren’t quite to scale in relation to one another, but this will give you the general idea of each room.  Connell Architecture is real proud of these pics, so if you don’t like them, don’t tell them because they’ll cry.

What’s it cost?  Look see: Party Room Rates in a Chart That’s Easier to Read than the One Below

Party Room Rates
Location Downtown West South
Dodge Gardner-Denver Dodge AND Gard-Den
Capacity 45 45 60 60 120
A/V Laptop Connection Yes Not yet… Yes Yes
Cable TV Yes Not yet… Yes Yes
Bar? Just outside the door Not yet… Dodge: Yes;  G/D: Just outside Yes
Prime Time
(When available)
Thursday Night to Sunday Night Friday Night to Sunday Night
Prime Time Rates $100 Rent for the room; $250 Minimum Order requested. $200 Rent/$500 Min Order
Not Prime Time Monday all day thru Thursday at Lunch Monday all day thru Friday at Lunch
Not Prime Time Rates $50 Non-Refundable Deposit/Minimum Order to reserve the room. The deposit goes towards your tab, so there is no “Rent” for the room. $100 Non-Refundable Deposit/Minimum Order.
 Certain Blackout days may apply (home games, graduation, etc): call the manager
All rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, no room charge,
if they are not already reserved and you just show up and luck out and they’re empty
All rates subject to change without notice
If you want to bring in Aunt Agnes’ potato salad or an ice cream cake, it’s fine with us,
just don’t make a big mess we have to clean up.
(But we clean up lots of stuff, so it’s not that big of a deal, really…)
NO EXTRA CHARGE for the use of the A/V equipment, microphone, etc.
(Just don’t break it or steal it so we can keep it that way.)
Some Pay-Per-View events might incur an extra charge, but the ice is on us.
Food fights or unruly children cause all fees to immediately double.  Or triple.
The dough we give kids is food.  Throwing it is a food fight.  Don’t throw it.  Make snakes with it.

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