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We try to get deliveries out in 60 minutes, pick-ups ready in 30. But it can get real hairy around here, especially on home game weekends and whatnot. We’ll try to let you know if it’s going to be longer. You can also call us anytime.

Order from our Downtown location at 225 South Ninth Street.

Order from our West location at 3304 Broadway Businesspark Court.

Order from our South location at 3911 Peachtree.

About Delivery

  • Yes, we have a delivery fee. At minimum wage, the labor cost to take a half an hour and bring you a pizza is about $3.50, so that’s our delivery charge. (That doesn’t even count the cost of the car, gas, insurance, lawyers, accountants…)
  • If the driver is nice and you feel gratuity is appropriate, they sure do appreciate it.
  • We try hard, but limited oven space and seemingly unlimited demand (especially around mealtimes) backs us up occasionally.
  • Be first in line: call ahead! We take orders in advance (sometimes weeks in advance) all the time.
  • Need the menu?
  • Limited area, see groovy map.

We Cater!

  • We have quantity discounts! Send an e-mail to our catering guys if you are ordering 8 or more large pizzas (that’ll cover 24-32 or more eaters).
  • We have the ovens to make hundreds of pizzas…  if you have 10, 100, or 1000 people, you’re covered, usually for about $4-8 per person.
  • If you order $100 or more, we can make arrangements to go outside of our regular delivery range.
  • You can call 10 minutes before you want your 20 pizzas, but advance notice helps us give you better service.
  • Call ahead by a day, a week, a month or longer.  If you’re first in line, you’re first in line.
  • Party rooms available at all locations (especially South), if you’d rather we clean up the mess.
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