PRODUCT RECALL…please read for the full story

Our partners at the Food and Drug Administration have helped us by pointing out an oversight on our part.
We have neglected to include the words
“Contains Wheat”
on the packaging of our frozen pizzas.

There should not be a problem for those who have no allergies to, or issues with, wheat products.
But chowing on our frozen pies does present a health hazard to those with a sensitivity or allergy to wheat.
We here at Shakespeare’s certainly don’t want to go down that road!
We are recalling the mislabeled pizzas, and replacing them with pizzas that are correctly labeled.
The FDA have asked us to help you out by offering full disclosure. We’re happy to.

For the full and official skinny, click here.


We’ve all been there … the cute kid is at the door, selling gift wrap or magazine subscriptions or any manner of things we really don’t want or need, but we buy it anyway to support the cause. What if it was something that we really liked and wanted and were glad to buy?

This plan is simple. Sell to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. The more pizzas you sell, the more money you make.

Anybody can do it: this is a great idea for PTA’s, school bands and  soccer teams, of course; but if you just need a new set of whitewalls, or are getting way too first-name-basis with the receptionist a the plasma center, then sell some pizzas! We don’t care.

PCA FarmerBut remember, you’re selling Shakespeare’s Pizza: It’s the same pizza as the restaurants, it just went through a freezer instead of an oven.  The same recipe, the same ingredients, the same stuff that tops the polls every year, the same folks in the back listening to the same Led Zeppelin album and wearing bandannas.

We currently have nine 12” varieties available: Pepperoni, Sausage, Double Cheese, Vegetarian, Panda’s Pepper, Hawaiian, Four Cheese, Spinach & Artichoke, and Pizza Lover’s Passion.

Each pizza serves 2-3.

We sell them to you for $7.50, and we suggest that you sell them for $13.  You make five and a half clams on each pizza sold! At that rate, here’s The Frozen Fundraising Potential:

If you have 10 people selling 8 pies each, your group makes $440.
If you have 25 people selling 8 pies each, your group makes $1,100.
If you have 50 people selling 8 pies each, your group makes $2,200.
If you have 100 people selling 10 pies each, your group makes $5,500 !!!
(If you aren’t sales tax exempt, the math gets goofed up a bit, but you get the idea.)

If you are outside of Columbia, a destination fee might apply, but you’ll likely still rake it in.

If you’d like to talk more about a Frozen Pizza Sales Fundraiser, call our Frozen Sales Department at 573-268-2371, or shoot a note below!

(There are no required fields, but the more you tell us, the easier our job is.)

Frozen Pizza Sales


Would you rather fundraise by inviting all your hundreds of hungry friends to come eat AT ONE OF OUR AWESOME LOCATIONS?
Check out out or 15% Back-At-Ya Fundraising Plan!

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