Fundraising Idea #2: 15% Back-At-Ya Plan

There can’t be an easier or more fun way to raise money than to invite everyone to come and eat their favorite pizza for a good cause.

Who: Invite members and friends of the organization or cause, as well as co-workers, family and neighbors.
What: Encourage everyone to come to Shakespeare’s Pizza on the day of the event and purchase lots of stuff: a dine-in meal, frozen pies, T-shirts, gift certificates, or even have pies delivered.  Please shoot for at least a $150 sales minimum; 15% of that is $22.50.  Less than that isn’t really worth the book work, you know? So make sure you can get at least something like 20 guests to join you.
Where: At one or all Shakespeare’s locations, on the same date.
When: Pick a date. We book our dine-in fundraisers Sunday through Thursday.  We can’t do them on busy days, (Fridays, Saturdays, and total eclipses) because we’re busy.
How: We design a flyer for you. You can print them and hand it out, or your guests can just show it on their phone. At the end of the night, we add up all the receipts and write a check to your organization for 15% of the total!

Info we need to set it up:

Date (Sunday-Thursday)
Name of organization
Which store (Downtown, West, South, or all of ’em)
Who to make the check payable to and a mailing address

Fine Print:

  • We ask that you refrain from standing at our front door and hand out the flyers to everyone walking in the door. The idea is that you cajole folks to come eat at our joint that wouldn’t have otherwise, to support your cause… and we give you 15% as a thank you.
  • Discounts, coupons, or other deals cannot be combined with 15% fundraisers. Sales that count towards 15% fundraisers have to be at full price. If we give you so-and-so percent off your purchase, there aren’t any percents left to go to the fundraiser (unless we wanna lose money on the whole shebang, and we wouldn’t stay in business long with that program).
  • If you Tweet or FB about your event, we might just re-tweet  or tag it, and that’ll reach a LOT of eyes and ears!

If you’d like to talk more about a 15% Back-At-Ya Fundraiser, call the Office of the Kommissar of 15% Fundraisers at 573-447-2622,
or send us an email,
or fill out our form:

(There are no required fields, but the more you tell us, the easier our job is.)

15% Back-At-Ya Plan

  • (Keep in mind we generally can't do these on busy days like Fridays, Saturdays, and total eclipses.)
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (We do request that you try to get 20+ to attend, so that total sales for your group are north of $150.)


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