Where to Buy Shakespeare’s Frozen Pizzas

PRODUCT RECALL…please read for the full story

Our partners at the Food and Drug Administration have helped us by pointing out an oversight on our part. 
We have neglected to include the words
“Contains Wheat”
on the packaging of our frozen pizzas.

There should not be a problem for those who have no allergies to, or issues with, wheat products.
But chowing on our frozen pies does present a health hazard to those with a sensitivity or allergy to wheat.
We here at Shakespeare’s certainly don’t want to go down that road!
We are recalling the mislabeled pizzas, and replacing them with pizzas that are correctly labeled.
The FDA have asked us to help you out by offering full disclosure. We’re happy to.

For the full and official skinny, click here.


Meanwhile, here is a list of stores that carry Shakespeare’s Frozen Pizzas.

Shakespeare’s Frozen Pizza Store Locator

(We try to keep it updated, but you know how last night was….)


View the Full-Screen Map or Order Frozen Pizzas Online


View the Full-Screen Map or Order Frozen Pizzas Online

Standard Google-Mapness applies:

  • Double left click to enlarge
  • Double right click to zoom out
  • Click and drag to move the map

(Stuff you likely already know; sorry to insult your intelligence.)

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