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Call us!

Shakespeare’s Downtown: (573) 449-2454

Shakespeare’s West: (573) 447-1202

Shakespeare’s South: (573) 447-7435

Find more info on our locations here.

Wanna job?

Business is booming. We need you. We throw one heck of a riot of a party every single day. You’ll get a flexible schedule. NO uniforms (but you get a free Shakes Tee you can wear if you wanna). Competitive wages. Obscene quantities of free pizza. No Nazi bosses from hell. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Come fill out an app, or send us your resume. Come down and ask anybody working for us if they like it. We can scratch your work itch. We’ve been here for 30 years, and we keep hearing that everybody loves us; you could like it so much that you’d be here for years, and everybody will love you.

Just know this: You WILL work your tail off.  We spit out slackers like unsalted watermelon seeds.

Download our application here (pdf).

Advertisers and Solicitors of Donations

Believe it or not, we get something like 20 to 40 different requests a WEEK for advertising, donations, sponsorships, and so forth. It is a real job just looking at all of it, much less sorting through it. We do try, we really do. Please understand that we can’t give a positive answer to everybody, even though we’d like to. And please don’t cry if we turn you down, it just rips us up.

If you would like to ask for some money or a T-shirt or something, the best way to start is to fill out one of our Donation Request Forms (pdf).

If you are offering a marketing opportunity, the best way to start is to download and print our Marketing Form (pdf) and follow its instructions.

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