High School Students ONLY!


Slice Card for HS

All you ever hear is “Mizzou students this…” and “college kids that…”

Well, Phooey. We’re tired of it too.  This one is for you, high school kid.

Show us your current valid HS ID card, and we’ll give you one of these cards, or some variation thereof with the latest capitalistic propaganda.  Everybody else has to buy twelve slices with their civilian cards before they get something.  You only have to buy six.

Yes, of course we know: they get two slices and a soda, and you only get one slice and a soda, but we can’t give away the farm.  Besides, you can do that deal instead if you’d rather.  But think about it: you really only need one slice anyway…  and even though you get a soda with it, you should drink water or tea or something.  Soda’s bad for you.

You MUST show your current, valid High School ID for every stamp, and when you redeem the filled card.  Cards are combine-able and transferable among high school students, and made from paper.  Launder or lose it, and you lost it. Warning: the last guy that forged stamps got caught immediately, and was rewarded for his efforts with cement loafers and a swim with the fishies.  If we have even a hunch that you’re cheating, we’ll abscond your card and kick your hiney out.  These cards and them other ones are NOT combine-able.  Please and thank


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