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What We’re About…

“It’s the pizza, stupid. And maybe the beer. Everything else can go fly.”

Or sometimes…

“Have a good time doing it, just wash your hands before and, especially, after.”

Note: If your business needs a new mission statement, Shakespeare’s Pizza has begun accepting offers in the mid to low-high-mid five figures (€) to help you.



We’ve been around since 1973.
That’s a lot of pizzas and a lot of stuffs happenin throughout the years, below is just a few!


The eclipse totality came. We didn’t die. Now back to making pizzas…


Best delivery vehicle… ever. Yidan Lui’s little project, March 2017


Shakespeare’s Pizza V2.0 opened in August 2016



Feast TV did a story about us in July 2016


The Cup Game


Tempspeare's Pizza existed at 220 South 8th while the downtown location was rebuilt

Downtown Shakespeare’s v1.0 was demolished.
Want to see what it looked like?
Take a 360 degree walking tour.

Read all about Tempspeare’s Pizza

Shakespeare’s Original Building Last Night, the Sunday before Memorial Day, 2015


Mo Business Report June 2015


KRCG TV 13, June 2015


The Kansas City Star did a piece about us in August 2014


SEC Nation TV Show visits CoMo and Shakespeare’s, November 2014

Corner Post did a piece, December 2014


Shakespeare’s was named the Best College Hangout in America by Good Morning America. Watch the big announcement

August, 2010: TJ (Truman Junior) moves to the Women and Children’s Hospital, and Shakes gives him a lift


MidMoDiningGuide did a piece on us in December 2010

1974 – 2009

uhhh. hmmm. We’re not sure what these pictures are of and we certainly don’t remember doing some of this stuff.


We opened our doors. A 12″ Pizza was $0.12 or something.  (picture of first menu goes here)


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