Delivery Map

We Deliver! (But we ain’t gonna lie… it’s better at the restaurant.)

District Delivery: 573-449-2454

West Delivery: 573-447-1202

South Delivery: 573-447-7435

  • Orders under $15.00 have a $2.00 delivery fee. It covers the extra insurance, lawyers and accountants.
  • If the driver is nice and you feel gratuity is appropriate, they sure do appreciate it.
  • We try hard, but limited oven space and seemingly unlimited demand (especially around mealtimes) backs us up occasionally.
  • Be first in line: call ahead! We take orders in advance (sometimes weeks in advance) all the time.
  • Need the menu?
  • Limited area, see groovy map.

We Cater!

  • If you order 8 or more large pizzas on the same order at the same time, you get 15% off.
  • We have the ovens to make hundreds of pizzas…  if you have 10, 100, or 1000 people, you’re covered, usually for about $4-8 per person.
  • If you order $100 or more, we can make arrangements to go outside of our regular delivery range.
  • You can call 10 minutes before you want your 20 pizzas, but advance notice helps us give you better service.
  • Call ahead by a day, a week, a month or longer.  If you’re first in line, you’re first in line.
  • Party rooms available at all locations (especially South), if you’d rather we clean up the mess.

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